February 1, 2011

#FriendsTravel Europe River Cruises JESS Kalinowsky

Europe River Cruise - Middle Rhine

“Thank you for providing wonderful programs and people to show us the beauty of so many places in the world. You far exceeded our expectations for service, accommodations, tours and travel coordination.” 

Clifford & Karen

River Cruises Through Europe

Grand European Tour

Europe River Cruise - Bratislava Castle
Amsterdam to Budapest 

From $3,262 / 15 Days

Imagine 15 magical days on a cruise along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, seeing the best of Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.

Romantic Danube

Europe River Cruise - Nuremberg, Germany
Budapest to Nuremberg 

From $1,556 / 8 Days

Discover grand cities and quaint villages on this 8-day river cruise along the “Blue Danube.”

Cities of Light

Europe River Cruise - Paris at night
Paris to Prague 

From $2,056 / 12 Days

Discover the romance of Paris and Prague and all the quaint small towns in between on this 12-day journey that includes an idyllic 8-day river cruise.

Elegant Elbe

Europe River Cruise - Brandenburg gate at night, Berlin, Germany
Berlin to Prague 

From $2,306 / 10 Days

Discover East Germany’s dramatic landscape with a 10-day river cruise along the Elbe River, plus nights in both Berlin and Prague.

Paris & the Heart of Normandy

Europe River Cruise - Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Paris – Rouen – Paris 

From $1,156 / 8 Days

This 8-day river cruise combines the romance of Paris with the beauty and history of France’s Norman countryside.

Portraits of Southern France

Europe River Cruise - Port St. Benezet, Avignon
Chalon to Avignon 

From $1,356 / 8 Days

Enjoy some of the most scenic vistas in the French countryside on this picturesque 8-day cruise along the Saône and Rhône Rivers.

France’s Finest

Europe River Cruise - romantic Paris, France
Paris to Avignon 

From — / 15 Days

This 15-day river cruise is the ultimate journey through France, from Paris and Normandy to Burgundy and Provence.

Danube Waltz

Europe River Cruise - Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna
Passau to Budapest 

From $1,256 / 8 Days

This 8-day cruise takes you through four of Europe’s most enchanting countries along the storied Danube River.

Rhine Getaway

Europe River Cruise - Katz Castle on the Rhine River
Amsterdam to Basel 

From $1,056 / 8 Days

This river cruise gives you all the highlights of the legendary Rhine in just 8 days.

Treasures of the Rhine

Treasures of the Rhine - Cologne Cathedral at night
Basel to Antwerp 

From $2,562 / 15 Days

This 15-day cruise is a leisurely celebration that visits five countries along the legendary Rhine River.

Vineyards & Vistas

Europe River Cruise - European vineyard
Würzburg to Trier 

From $1,056 / 8 Days

Engage all your senses as you enjoy the picturesque landscapes on this scenic 8-day river cruise through Germany.

Grand European Odyssey

Europe River Cruise - Parliament Building in Budapest
Amsterdam to Bucharest 

From — / 23 Days

This incredible 23-day cruisetour includes 9 countries along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers.

Passage to Eastern Europe

Europe River Cruise - Budapest, Hungary
Budapest to Bucharest 

From $2,156 / 11 Days

NEW! Let us take you to the cities, towns and natural wonders of Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Eastern European Waltz

Europe River Cruise - Vienna, Austria
Bucharest to Passau 

From — / 16 Days

An extraordinary 16-day journey through eight countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

Danube Holiday Explorer

Europe River Cruise - Vienna Christmas
Vienna to Nuremberg 

From — / 8 Days

Usher in the winter and discover the beauty of Austria and Germany with a timeless river cruise along the Danube.

Tulips & Windmills

Europe River Cruise - windmill in Holland

Amsterdam – Antwerp – Amsterdam

From $2,422 / 10 Days

Enjoy Holland’s springtime floral splendor and visit some of Belgium’s medieval cities on a 10-day cruise.

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