December 20, 2010

Honeymoon, Wine, Culinary, and Family Boutique Cruises Friends Travel LLP JESS Kalinowsky

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Honeymoon, Wine, Culinary, and Family packages.

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Vietnam, Cambodia & the Riches of the Mekong

15 nights / From $1,799 per person

Walk along the Great Wall in Beijing. Come face to face with the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses in Xi’an. Visit Guilin’s Reed Flute Cave, a dripstone cave boasting stalactites and stalagmites in dazzling colors. Take a cruise down the bucolic Li River. Be awed by the breathtaking, UNESCO-designated Humble Administrator Gardens in Suzhou. And sail the magnificent Yangtze River with its spectacular gorges, mist-covered shrines, and fanciful rock shapes.

Amazon Expedition Cruise

7 nights / From $5,950

7-Night Amazon River Expedition Cruise where you can experience the Amazon River’s three powerful tributaries: the Marañón, the Ucayali, and the Puinahua as well as several hidden black water lakes.

Highlights of China & the Yangtze
10nights / From $2,699

Grand China & the Yangtze
17 nights / From $4,699

A journey to China is an enchanting odyssey through more than 5,000 years of history that have been recorded against a vast and stunning landscape. Discover the great diversity of this fascinating country, from the rustic hamlets lining the Yangtze to Beijing and Shanghai—two of the world’s most sophisticated cities.
Magnificent Europe
14 nights / From $3,999Amsterdam to Budapest
14 nights / From $3,999
A magnificent cruise indeed as you follow the route of emperors and kings on your exciting European journey along three great rivers through five fascinating countries! Begin in Amsterdam and travel on the Rhine to Cologne, with its breathtaking Cathedral. Visit the historic wine town of Koblenz, cruise through the beautiful Rhine Gorge and then on to the Main River.

Castles Along the Rhine

7 nights / From $1,999

Artists, musicians, writers, and poets from all over Europe have immortalized the Rhine’s unadulterated natural beauty in their songs, art, stories, and poetry. Byron, Dumas, Hugo, and Heine celebrated it in their writing. Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Schubert, and Wagner idolized it in their music, and Turner captured it in his paintings.

Portugal, Spain & the Douro River Valley

10 nights / From $2,999

Explore the seven hills of cosmopolitan Lisbon, uncovering a treasure trove of Old World architecture. Visit Coimbra, the “Birthplace of Kings;” Porto, the beautiful “City of Bridges,” with its UNESCO World Heritage-designated Medieval city center; Guimarães, which has its own UNESCO-listed Medieval city center; and Salamanca, Spain, another declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Turquoise Coast & Islands of the Eastern Aegean

7 nights / From $1,490

Ephesus one of the greatest classical sites of the Mediterranean. Didyma with Mycenaean, Cretan Persian, Roman and Byzantine settlements. In Patmos, the Grotto and Monastery of St. John, both UNESCO World Heritage. Bodrum known in the Antiquity as Halicarnassus, the capital city of Caria Kingdom. Rhodes, the city famous for its amazing fortified Old Medieval City and the Acropolis of Lindos. Aga Limani near Fethiye famous for the Cleopatra Sunken baths.

Imperial Waterways of Russia

12 nights / From $3,299

The Volga River, Europes largest and longest waterway, holds a special place in Russian history and in the hearts and minds of the Russian people. An important aquatic highway since Medieval times, the Volga has long served as a major route of trade, settlement and conquest. Peter the Great sailed along the Volga from Moscow to St. Petersburg approximately 300 years ago on a quest to bring Russia out of the Dark Ages.

Russian Waterways

12 nights / From $3,299

Explore bustling and excitement-packed Moscow, then cruise north and visit the enchanting Golden Ring cities of Uglich and Yaroslavl. Continue along the Volga-Baltic Waterways and through Europe’s two largest lakes, Onega and Ladoga, to St. Petersburg, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, spread over 101 islands and 66 canals.

to travel on the date of your choice (these cruises sell fast!), and take advantage of substantial discounts!  Also, specials are still available for many Holiday cruises.


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